Sunday, November 29, 2009

Well, If It Had To Go...

Thursday morning I tried to play a DVD in my player, and the motor decided it would no longer work without actual manual help. Granted, this was the first DVD player I had owned, bought at Target about six years ago for $70.00 - the cheapest they had at the time.

Well, this happened to be Thanksgiving morning, and a more fortuitous time could not have been chosen. I looked through the Target Black Friday sales paper online, and found a compact DVD player (for the television) on sale for $19.99 instead of $29.99. I can spare twenty bucks, I figure. I doubt I am going to find anything cheaper that is as good, anyway.

Then I remember I still have a little bit of money left on some gift cards for Target I received last year. I figured I could probably put them together and have about ten or fifteen bucks, so I would really only spend five or ten on the player out of my own cash. Good deal! Out of curiosity, I called the number on the back and checked the balances: one was about $1.75... and the other was $31.00. Excellent! So if the one I wanted was no longer in stock, I could get a higher-priced one and still not worry about it!

As it turned out, the one I wanted was still there. And I resisted purchasing more DVDs, so I still have about $10.00 on the one card. Not too bad, I think.

And as for performance, it seems to be great. It will read DVDs I have burned from my computer, photos, music, MP3s... everything. The remote control can be a little finicky about the angle, but so what? Who am I to complain?