Sunday, January 18, 2009

Long Weekend

Over this long weekend, I planned on going through my cabinets and taking stock of what all I have on my shelves. Go through all of that and put together meals, and leftovers to take to work (so I will hopefully quit "deciding" I want something other than what I brought, and take a short walk over to the cafeteria for more expensive unhealthy goodness). It's only 4:20 in the afternoon on Sunday, though, and I have tomorrow off as well....

What say I open up all these windows and get some nice fresh air flowing through my apartment? Move the pile of books off the stepstool in the living area and bring it in here, open the cabinet doors, and start rearranging and making a list?

Sounds good to me. And here I was, thinking I would make a nice, sizable entry in this blog. Maybe later.

1 comment:

  1. You're a planner and a homebody; I can relate. The blog can wait until you simply feel that you HAVE to write, or least that's how it works for me.