Sunday, January 11, 2009

Starting Now

When I began creating this blog, I had thought to use it to write about trying to live as frugally as possible, with the exception of a couple semi-splurges. (Namely SecondLife and a DVD or two a month.) Whether it continues that way or not, I'll have to see.

The economy is sucking, to put it bluntly. As tired as I am of hearing that, it's the truth. Unfortunately, I don't make all that much to begin with, so when prices rise my buying power falls drastically. A good mate of mine, Ralph, pointed me in the direction of AngelFood a few months ago. (Yes, it is a "ministry", but I have not had one instance of anyone even remotely trying to evangelize.) It's wonderful; for $30 you get over $60 worth of good quality food, including quite a bit of meat. You know, meat? That stuff that when you're poor you don't see much of other than ground beef? And you can purchase "expansion packs" as well, which have more meat, or fruits and vegetables, or full meals for one. This will be the third month I have used this service, and only for the main package so far. In my freezer I have loads of good meats and frozen vegetables, and I have been eating them almost daily, too.

This is not "charity". This is not a "giveaway". This has no income limits or any other restrictions on it at all. I seriously suggest anyone who could stand to save a few dollars on food at least go check out the website.

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