Friday, July 17, 2009

About Food

A few days ago, I finally splurged a bit and bought more coffee (which I had done without for a few weeks) and some creamer, and the next morning set about making a nice, fresh pot of coffee. I set the glass carafe on the edge of the sink while I washed out the basket holder --- and the carafe decided after a bit to tip over and crash into pieces of various size in the sink. No coffee, damnit. (But hey... at least theywere mainly large pieces, and all confined to the kitchen sink!)

I haven't gone to get another coffee carafe yet. I am tiptoeing around with finances, so I worry now even about that.

Cindy suggested I dump some coffee grounds in the kettle and boil the water, then pour it into a cup using a strainer. I finally tried it just now, and it's not too bad, really. Granted, I sloshed coffee all into the sink trying to pour it... maybe I should just do one cup at a time in my old sauce pot?

I am looking harder and harder for food now, since I missed the deadline for Angel Food for July, so I have been using up all the other food I have here. Thankfully they do give you a lot for the $30 (that is how much one of the basic packages costs), and since I am one person, it does last. Feeding the cat (see photo), however...

Since I was in my way early 20s, I have had a "thing" about hoarding food, especially canned goods. If you have ever faced a completely empty cupboard, money enough only to get you to work, and a bag of pinto beans you didn't know how to cook, you might understand the food hoarding. Right now, I have enough to last a couple weeks, I believe... I don't have milk, butter, eggs, or bread, but I am thinking of going to one of the San Pedro food pantries later and see what I can pick up.

Sadly, it seems as though a lot of the pantries have closed. You would think it would be the other way around these days, wouldn't you? One I used to stop by every so often told me they had to close their doors because the state began coming in and inspecting everything (paperwork, etc), and was picking and choosing which places to recertify. At times like this? Geez, California, can you spare some gubmint cheese? Oh, wait.. you're broke and trying to pay people with IOUs that banks won't accept.

Well, at least I do have about five or six pounds of pinto beans...

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